Underground Garden Dinner

I started following Underground by A-Game after an event I attended at Bloomingdales. I was immediately intrigued by the Underground concept. He travels all over Westchester (sometimes Fairfield) County doing pop-up dinners. Each dinner has a unique theme with decor and menu to match- so cool! When I saw he was doing a pop-up at Terrain I knew I needed to be there. Terrain is one of my favorite restaurants and I knew a Chef Jes/Chef Andrew combo would be AMAZING!

My friend Andrew, who writes for CT Bites and runs the account @realfooddudes, asked if I wanted to go so of course I said YES. I waited maybe 5 seconds to answer when I saw his text….lol.

The Setup- The dinner was an Outdoor Garden theme and took place at Terrain, in their beautiful outdoor space in Westport. They cleverly utilized the outdoor space and set up tables throughout the garden. Each table was surrounded by beautiful trees and plants making it seem like a private dinner which made the experience even more unique. Thankfully the rain held out and the weather was perfect.

The night started with everyone enjoying cocktails and some food appetizers. Each chef made their intros and told us some more details about the night. Then we made our way to our seats! (Andrew and I were seated in the Garden Shed. Hello VIP status….obviously thanks to Andrew!)

As the dinner started Chef Andrew walked around with a box of records and every person had the chance to choose a song which made became our playlist for the night. What a cool idea!

The Menu- The dinner started with a Snapper Crudo appetizer with radish, beet juice, and purple potatoes. This was the one dish I was skeptical about since I’m not a big fan of seafood. I reluctantly tried a small piece of the fish eat the fish. I’m still not sure how I feel about it (although it didn’t really taste like anything) but everything else which was delicious! Next was the Pork Tenderloin, and was probably the best things i’ve eaten all year. It resembled a Thanksgiving spread, which happens to be one of my favorite holidays. The dish was served with a sweet potato mash, manioc stuffing, and a pancetta vinaigrette. I had never heard of manioc but it was SO good (and gluten free). Next was an endive salad which I wasn’t a fan of. It was an interesting concept/combo but the endive was too strong for me. Now let’s talk about the dessert…..which honestly needs a whole post dedicated to it. It was a Bread Pudding with HOMEMADE fruity pebbles (OMG!!!!), salted fudge, and cereal milk ice cream (OMG!!!!). I could barely finish it because I was so stuffed but it was so delicious!

Overall, everything was perfect and so well planned. Almost a week later and I’m still thinking about that pork tenderloin dish and the dessert. Make sure to sign up for the Underground mailing list to find out when/where his next pop-up dinner is!